How to Properly Recycle Old Batteries

If you have old batteries, it’s important to dispose of them properly. It’s not recommended to simply put batteries in the garbage, as they can be dangerous to the environment and to people.

The safest way to dispose of old batteries is by taking them to an authorized recycling facility. In Sioux Falls, this includes the City’s Household Hazardous Waste facility for residents, or recyclers like SEAM for businesses or types of batteries that are not accepted by the CIty.

Safety Protocol When Recycling Batteries

Check your battery type. The first thing you’ll want to do is consult the label on the battery and see if it is rechargeable or not. Rechargeable batteries are very dangerous and prone to explosions and fires. Be sure to cover their terminals with tape before you store and/or transport them. If you remove a rechargeable battery from its device, place it in a plastic bag or another non-conductive container for storage or transport.

Alkaline Batteries (non-rechargeable)

Alkaline batteries are the most commonly used batteries in households worldwide. Although they can be thrown into your regular garbage bin, they can be recycled! Alkaline batteries contain zinc, manganese dioxide, and carbon which can be should be kept out of landfills and incinerators.

Lithium -Ion Batteries (rechargeable)

Unlike alkaline batteries, lithium batteries cannot be thrown into your regular trash bin because these types of batteries contain dangerous chemicals that could cause an explosion if they come into contact with moisture or other substances found in a landfill environment.

You should only dispose of these types of batteries at special collection sites where they will be properly disposed of by trained personnel.

Bloated Batteries

If your battery appears bloated or swollen in any way, note that this is an urgent situation and can result in a fire or explosion if the battery is not handled with care. Do not leave swollen batteries in your home or office and do not attempt to charge them or power on the device.

Attempting to remove a swollen battery can be dangerous, and it should never be thrown into the trash, charged, dropped, or punctured. A swollen or bulging battery can be safely disposed of at the hazardous waste facility.

Recycle Batteries in Sioux Falls, SD

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