How to Improve Your Data Destruction Confidence Level

Mar 8, 2019

Destroying data sounds like a fairly easy task until you realize it’s not quite as simple as tossing hard drives in the trash. Data destruction has become highly regulated because the outdated equipment and devices you’re doing away with contain sensitive data that could lead to problems like data breach and identity theft if not properly disposed of.

As a business owner, you not only want to be sure you destroy every shred of data so it can’t be used to harm your company or your customers, but you also have to comply with federal, state, and local privacy laws, and potentially, additional industry regulations like HIPAA and FACTA that have even stricter standards. In other words, you want to be truly confident in the efficacy of your efforts.

How can you accomplish this goal when it comes to data destruction? Your best bet is to work with a professional data destruction company, and preferably a certified ITAD service provider. How will this protect you and provide you with peace of mind? There are several benefits you’ll enjoy when you partner with a suitable IT asset disposition service.

Security Every Step of the Way
You might be worried that your data won’t be safe once computer equipment and devices are out of your hands, and this is a valid concern. This is why it’s so important to vet potential ITAD partners to find out how they keep your data secure.

The right company will set up security every step of the way, starting with your office. By providing locking bins for you to place hard drives and devices in, they neutralize potential internal threats, like employees that might swipe devices for their own use or to sell. With a recent report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiner noting that corporate theft (of non-cash office items) has risen from 10.6% in 2002 to 21 percent in 2018, it makes sense to have this precaution in place.

From there, your ITAD partner should provide secure pickup and transport to their facility, where devices will be safely stored pending destruction. During this time, you should be able to track devices by serial number via a 24/7 online portal to see the status of your project.

Approved Data Destruction Methods
If you’ve considered destroying hard drives and devices on your own, you probably know that people have tried everything from pounding nails through hard drives to dipping them in acid baths. These methods are not only ineffective, but dangerous, and they’re certainly not approved under existing privacy laws.

Your ITAD partner will have access to approved wiping software and industrial shredding equipment that ensures total data destruction, whether you want to refurbish and resell hardware or you’re looking to completely destroy it and recycle the remains.

Proof Positive
Protecting your company and customers from data breach and identity theft are top priorities, but you also want to remain in compliance with all applicable privacy laws. Once devices have been destroyed, you should be provided with a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling as proof for your records. This gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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