How Risky is Your ITAD Program?

When you resell or recycle your business IT equipment, you are opening your business up to various risks if not managed properly.

What are the risks?

Data Security. While most data security programs are focused on keeping threats out of your network, the need for proper handling of retired physical assets is often overlooked. Securing data on end-of-use assets is vital to preventing exposure of protected information (i.e. PII, PHI, proprietary and other confidential data).

Reputation. The strength of a company’s brand and image is key to the success of any organization. Stakeholders want to invest in and work for companies that take their responsibilities seriously. With hundreds of assets leaving your facilities over time, it only takes one incident of a lost, misplaced or exposed asset ending up in the wrong place to do significant damage to your brand.

Environmental. Ensuring electronics do not reach landfills or get exported to developing countries is not just good for the environment, it's good business. A direct link can be made between commitments to corporate sustainability and financial performance. Environmental requirements mandated by local, state and federal authorities also carry hefty fines and penalties if not in compliance.

Financial. By properly handling end-of-use or end-of-life electronic equipment, you can effectively take control of the costs associated with the removal, safe handling, transport and processing of equipment and mitigate any financial risk of fines or penalties from improper disposal.

Time & Efficiency. Unless your business is rooted in IT asset disposition, off-network equipment management is not a core concern. A well thought out and managed program will create the efficiencies that will allow you to focus on your primary goals.

Compliance. The ever-changing regulatory landscape makes it nearly impossible to comply with industry standards and corporate policies. When managing electronic assets, a transparent, well-documented, chain-of-custody lets you breathe easy.

How risky is your current program? Take SEAM's online Risk Assessment quiz to see how you stack up.

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