How Much Can I Get From Recycled Electronics?

Apr 17, 2021

Companies gather electronic junk over the years. Offices often dispose of a variety of electronics items when they don’t know how to have them refurbished, resold, or remarketed. The process of taking electronics out of the waste stream and putting them back on the path to re-use by another consumer is sometimes called eCycling.

You have probably faced electronics recycling issues as a consumer, in addition to experiencing them at work. It is not always easy to find solutions that balance environmental and cost concerns, security, and all of the other issues on this complex topic.

Proper Electronics Recycling Is Good for the Environment

Proper electronics recycling can take many forms. Note that a Sioux Falls ordinance has banned electronics from being disposed of in a landfill. This makes it all the more reason to investigate the  proper recycling options for your business.

The process works as follows: Based on the customer’s resale requirements, SEAM’s expert  technicians identify and evaluate assets for all reuse, refurbishment, and remarketing potential. If not functional as a whol unit, they look for precious metals and commodities, too. Devices that are not likely to be reused are disassembled down to their original parts.

Aluminum, copper wire, steel, and many precious metals may be recovered from your defunct electronics. This prevents the overuse of Earth’s natural materials, reduces energy use, and can gain back money for your company, as well.

The impetus for recycling electronics should be more than monetary, of course. Electronics contain metals such as cadmium, chromium, mercury, and lead (and other hazardous chemicals, too, such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, PCBs, and phthalates). SEAM’s goal is environmental sustainability: To safely return non-reusable materials back to their original state and to reuse everything that can be reused.

Money is a motivator, however. SEAM’s resale and refurbishing programs can help with monetary motivation through a combination of refurbishment, redeployment, and resale. You may have noted the increasingly short lifespans of your electronic assets, like your phones, tablets, PCs, and servers. By establishing a refresh plan, you will not surprised by unexpected operational threats to your technology.

How Much Can You Get?

So how much can you get from your recycled electronics?  It depends. SEAM’s resale and remarketing programs will help you to maximize the value of your assets, and this tends to be variable and unique for each customer based on the type, volume and condition of equipment they have. How can you get the highest possible value back?

  1. Move fast to prevent value depreciation.
  2. Keep systems intact.
  3. Handle with care to ensure devices remain functional.

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