Hiring the Right ITAD Company for You

Choosing an ITAD company can feel overwhelming, especially with the sheer number of options out there today. It may seem natural to go with one of the larger-scale companies, but taking into account the needs of your business is important and a huge firm may be more than you need. Finding a company that can meet your exact needs is crucial to ensure that you pay the right price and receive the right services.

Choosing your perfect ITAD company should take some careful consideration as well as a great deal of questioning. Here are some of the most important facets of ITAD service that you should clarify with every potential hire.

Qualities to Look for in Potential ITAD Hires

  1. Effective communication.

When you initially made the call to an ITAD you’re thinking of hiring, how long did it take to get connected with a real, trained employee? This is the first sign of whether or not the ITAD in question prioritizes human connection within the partnership process. Once you get past this point, make sure to ask the company’s representative who your contact points will be should you start a business relationship. If the answer is a general service line, the ITAD most likely doesn’t communicate very effectively with clients.

  1. Proper certification. 

Whether you’re hiring a plumber, a therapist, or an ITAD, you want to patronize a person or entity that is properly certified and trained to do the job right. Some of the crucial certifications in the data destruction industry include ISO 14001, R2, ISO 45001, and E-stewards (although E-stewards and R2 are used interchangeably). The presence of necessary certification will ensure that your data remains secure right up to the point of destruction.

  1. Adherence to policy. 

Being aware of the policies your company is expected to uphold in terms of data destruction is very important before even reaching out to any ITAD companies. Before beginning a partnership, have a long discussion with every potential ITAD company about your company’s own regulations and whether or not the ITAD’s regulations will fit within them.

  1. Relevant experience.

A potential ITAD hire’s experience with companies similar to yours can make or break your working relationship moving forward. Remember what we said about finding a company that meets your precise needs? Invite your potential hire to speak on the ways they can improve your company’s disposition of IT assets that are specifically beneficial to your company’s situation. This will help you to glean whether or not the ITAD is right for you.

  1. A variety of services offered. 

Develop a thorough understanding of the services your potential ITAD hire offers before beginning a business relationship. Do they pick up assets on site? Do they provide documentation of a chain of custody for the items? What additional services are included with your quote?

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