Going Green: Top Environmental Benefits of Data Disposal

Apr 16, 2021

Disposing of old hard drives and other memory-containing computer parts is not just helpful for data security…the process of proper data disposal is also incredibly helpful for the environment.

Let’s review some of the top benefits of using a data disposal company to rid your office of old computer components.

Data Disposal Reduces Environmental Damage from Computer Parts

A major problem with simply putting your computer parts in the trash is that they contain some very harmful materials. Some of the most common harmful materials in computers include:

• Beryllium

• Cadmium

• Mercury

• Chromium

• Lead

Adding any of these to a landfill can lead to serious damage to the environment. If these components are improperly discarded, they can hurt humans, too.

Recycling Prevents the Need for New Mining to Occur

Another benefit of recycling is that it can reduce the need for further mining to occur. The materials used in computers are varied, but some of them are rare. When companies wish to obtain these materials, they open mining contracts that destroy ecosystems and pollute the environment.

When you recycle your electronics, the recovered materials can be put back into circulation. The greater the number of rare materials that are available to companies that want to use them to build computers, the fewer mining contracts will be needed.

In that way, recycling can have a profound positive impact on various ecosystems around the world. It all starts with a company going green with their data disposal.

Recycling Electronics Leads to Lower Costs

Going green can also have an impact on your future IT equipment costs. Every time a company needs to mine materials from the ground to manufacture new electronics, those costs are passed on to consumers.

When businesses around the world begin recycling their computers, recovered materials become available at a lower cost than using raw or virgin materials, which leads to lower cost electronics for everyone.

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