Enhancing Your Green Initiatives with IT Asset Recycling

Aug 14, 2021

Electronic waste from businesses has become a significant issue over the past several decades, and many organizations are taking steps to implement a greener approach. With IT asset recycling, your computers and other electronic devices can be kept out of the landfill.

IT asset recycling can take the form of either remarketing used computers and other items or dispose of them through responsible recycling programs. Either way, your organization’s IT assets can be disposed of in a more environmentally conscious manner.

Remarketing Your IT Assets

The most considerable barrier to remarketing an organization’s IT assets is the need for ongoing privacy. Hard drives in computers and laptops will maintain some of their data in an accessible format long after being deleted. When simply resold to another organization, this presents a risk of serious data breaches.

An organization can’t afford to let such a breach take place. In many cases, an asset management company can securely wipe hard drives to allow for safe resale. Often, this means that some hard drives are shredded to ensure secure disposal.

Extending the useful life of IT assets in this manner is an environmentally conscious decision that still maintains an organization’s stringent security standards. Secure Enterprise Asset Management provides resale and remarketing services that comply with NIST standards for hard drive wiping.

Leaking employee or customer information when reselling unwiped equipment can lead to severe consequences. Often, financial information can be recovered by third parties that can give them access to various accounts. In addition to this risk, an organization responsible for such a data breach can face a serious hit to its reputation.

Environmentally Conscious Disposal

When IT assets do not have enough residual value to merit remarketing or cannot be reliably wiped for the specific security requirements in place, they can instead be disposed of in a way that recycles their materials.

Computers and other electronic components contain varying amounts of base metals, precious metals, and plastics. All of these can be recycled to avoid adding unnecessary waste to landfills. An asset management company can provide disposal that is both secure and environmentally friendly.

Hard drive shredding ensures that there is no retrievable data on any hard drives, allowing for the metals therein to be recycled. The hard drive is the primary security concern for any device, and so the rest can be recycled much like any other disposed items.

An asset management company can also responsibly dispose of any hazardous items that an office or other organization accumulates over the years. Items like batteries, light bulbs, and other items can be disposed of properly to avoid the landfill. SEAM ensures that all the companies we work with downstream meet the same security and environmental protection standards.

Go Green With IT Asset Recycling

SEAM provides an environmentally responsible way for organizations of any kind to dispose of IT assets in South Dakota. Today, you can reach out to us to find out more about our IT asset remarketing and recycling programs, along with our secure shredding services.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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