Elevating Your ITAD Management Strategy

Jul 8, 2019

Successfully protecting data is no easy feat, and it requires a comprehensive approach that follows the life cycle of data and devices. In the fast-changing world of virtual security, you may need to pivot frequently to ensure you comply with privacy laws and keep company and consumer data safe.

This can be a tall order when your Sioux Falls, SD business has so many other operational concerns. It’s all too easy to let IT asset disposition take the back burner to more pressing matters. Unfortunately, this can put you at increased risk of data breach and identity theft.

When you understand the potential cost of negligence, you’ll be well-motivated to elevate your ITAD management strategy with proper policies and procedures, as well as partnership with a reliable ITAD service provider that can take some of the burden off your shoulders. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to ITAD management.

Understand the Stakes
According to the Ponemon Institute’s annual IBM-sponsored Cost of Data Breach study for 2018, the average cost for a data breach is $3.86 million, up 6.4% from 2018. While a small business might not suffer as much as larger corporations, you still have to consider the many potential costs associated with a data breach, from audits, to fines, to loss of revenue, to potential lawsuits due to identity theft.

A data breach won’t just cost you money, it could cost you current and prospective customers, employees, relationships with vendors and investors, and your reputation. A significant data breach could put you out of business. The stakes are high, and you stand to lose a lot if you fail to properly protect data.

Hone Internal Policies and Procedures
There are several things you’ll need to account for when it comes to creating internal policies and procedures related to ITAD management. Even if you already have inventory tracking in place via barcodes on equipment and devices, and you already have regular audits in place to verify the location of electronics, you can do more.

For starters, you need to make sure employees are trained in how to handle devices to avoid loss and theft, and that they’re aware of penalties for failure to do so. You also need a system in place to remotely wipe devices that are lost or stolen so as to avoid data theft. In addition, it’s imperative that devices slated for destruction be moved off the premises as soon as possible so as not to pose a risk for theft (internal or external). From there you just need to partner with the right ITAD service provider to handle disposal.

Work with a Certified ITAD Service Provider
A certified ITAD service provider can improve security on several fronts, starting with providing locking bins to house hard drives and devices in-office. From there you’ll want secure pick-up, either for on-site shredding or transport to a secure facility for destruction and recycling.

A 24/7 client portal ensures tracking capabilities for transparency, while Certificates of Destruction and Recycling offer proof of legal compliance for your records. Even better, the right ITAD partner will stay abreast of changes to consumer privacy and environmental laws so you don’t have to, ensuring your Sioux Falls, SD business remains in compliance.

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