Data Destruction and Sanitization Certificates: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 8, 2022

For businesses that rely on IT assets, disposal can be a struggle. From environmental concerns to local laws and regulations, there are many factors to consider when disposing of old or unwanted IT assets.

Having an IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) provider can simplify the process. However, when using an ITAD service, it’s important to have a record outlining the transaction. Any good ITAD service will provide a data destruction and sanitization certificate.

What Is a Data Destruction and Sanitization Certificate?

A certificate of data destruction is an affirmation from service providers that all equipment has been properly disposed of according to all relevant laws and regulations.

The certificate itself is a piece of paper detailing:

  • That assets have indeed been destroyed
  • Which assets were destroyed
  • How they were destroyed

It’s important to consider your company’s specific needs beforehand so that the ITAD you choose meets all required data destruction targets.

Why Do I Need a Certificate?

Data destruction and sanitization certificate are important for demonstrating that specific obligations have been fulfilled regarding the proper handling of data and assets.

Although a certificate itself isn’t proof that the data was destroyed properly, it offers evidence that you made a good-faith effort to have the digital assets dealt with.

A certificate of data destruction and sanitization provides proof that the ITAD company sold specific services and that it was communicated to you that those services were carried out. This kind of transparent record is essential for companies that work with digital assets.


Data destruction and sanitization services provide certificates to demonstrate that all hard drives, tapes, disks, and other digital assets have been properly disposed of. This means that recovery is impossible, and any confidential information is safe.


A data destruction and sanitization certificate is a formal document offering assurance that services have been carried out. This provides a level of verification that guarantees the prevention of breaches related to any associated data.


Companies that have a record of their digital management processes are better protected when liability issues occur, which means that a data destruction and sanitization certificate can come in handy in the event of an audit. Without a certificate, you run the risk of legal liabilities.

A certificate will demonstrate compliance with relevant laws, including NIST 800-88. This gives businesses peace of mind when dealing with vulnerable information.

SEAM Offers Destruction and Sanitization Certificates

Are your digital assets properly protected from exposure? Don’t wait until it’s too late to verify your data destruction process. Secure Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) offers innovative services built from the ground up with digital security in mind.

From data destruction to electronics recycling, our secure process is backed by thorough tracking and reporting.

SEAM’s certified ITAD services will ensure you comply with the latest requirements. With e-Stewards and R2, you’ll be covered per NIST guidelines. Our clients throughout North Dakota and South Dakota have confidence that their equipment has been disposed of according to the highest standards.

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SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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