Can Your Business Get Fined for Disposing of e-Waste Incorrectly?

Jul 7, 2022

Can Your Business Get Fined for Disposing of e-Waste Incorrectly?

As more people use electronic products and devices, the number of unwanted materials that end up in the garbage has steadily increased. While most of these components can easily be recycled or properly discarded, many individuals and businesses don’t take the time to properly do so.

Improper disposal of e-waste not only causes damage to the environment but also wastes money and in some cases, can result in legal penalties.

The Problem with e-Waste

E-waste can be a big problem for businesses, especially if not disposed of properly. Many states or municipalities have e-waste regulations that stipulate a business should be fined for improper disposal of their old electronics materials.

When e-waste is improperly disposed of, it can lead to toxins leaking into the environment. This leakage is dangerous to human health and can damage local ecosystems.

Businesses should consider which of their products contain harmful materials and should be properly disposed of to help them remain compliant with local legislation.

How to Properly Dispose of e-Waste

Local Disposal and Dropoff Sites

When you want to recycle your e-waste, there are many locations where electronic devices can be refurbished, resold, or recycled. So what sets apart the good from the bad? Certifications. Industry certifications like e-Stewards and R2 are really the only way to know if e-waste is being handled securely and responsibly.

For residents, there are often “free” options through local dropoff programs, typically funded by tax dollars. To make sure your data is safe, ask about where your device will ultimately end up if using one of these programs, then, check if they are R2 or e-Stewards certified. For businesses, you will likely need to hire a professional company to recycle your devices. If you choose wisely, this will not only help the environment, but can also add some extra value to old assets.

Build Partnerships with Established e-Waste Recyclers

Businesses don’t have to go it alone when they’re considering their e-waste disposal strategies. Industry certifications like e-Stewards and R2 provide a list of electronics providers who you know you can trust.

Organizations should make e-waste disposal services a core part of their operations. This approach increases visibility into potential waste and allows companies to take responsibility for their discarded assets.

Dispose of Your e-Waste with SEAM

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