Can Halogen Light Bulbs Be Recycled in Sioux Falls?

Dec 22, 2022

Halogen light bulbs are convenient for several reasons. For one, they are much less expensive than LED bulbs. In terms of energy efficiency, they are a much more conservative option than other incandescent bulbs.

Unfortunately, halogen bulbs suffer from the same problem as any other light bulb – at some point, they burn out and need to be replaced.

If you are in the process of disposing of your burnt-out halogen bulbs, you’re probably wondering if you can recycle them. If this is the case, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to let you know just what to do.

Halogen Bulbs 101

Halogen bulbs are in the same family as incandescent light bulbs. However, they are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan. Like their conventional counterparts, halogen bulbs contain tungsten filaments.

With traditional incandescent bulbs, the tungsten is attached to the glass. On the other hand, halogen bulbs contain halogen gas that produces a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with tungsten. While this promotes a longer lifespan, the fact that the bulb contains halogen gas can make proper disposal techniques somewhat tricky.

How to Dispose of Halogen Light Bulbs in Sioux Falls

Since halogen bulbs are made of heat-resistant glass, you cannot recycle them like normal glass products. Some people recommend simply throwing them away like any other household trash. However, recent studies have shown that this method of disposal may be problematic due to the nature of tungsten.

For example, the CDC conducted a study using human cell cultures and exposed them to tungsten and other metals. The results showed “some signs of cancer development.” Interestingly, they also state that there is no evidence linking tungsten exposure with health problems. Clearly, precautions must be taken until more research is completed.

To err on the side of caution, it is best to keep halogen bulbs away from landfills. The best way to do this safely is to contact a third-party company that specializes in light bulb recycling.

Proper Recycling Is Important

Proper disposal of potentially hazardous items is important because it keeps the chemicals in those items out of the atmosphere. Additionally, it allows the components those items are made of to be reused for other purposes, which allows for the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment.

Proper Recycling Is the Law

In Sioux Falls, it is against the law to dispose of hazardous waste in a landfill. That’s why you should always consult a waste facility to see if they can safely dispose of any hazardous materials.

If you live in Sioux Falls, residents can reach out to the Sioux Falls Hazardous Household Waste Facility. They can dispose of a variety of different bulbs. If you’re a business, or if there’s anything they won’t accept as a resident, you can contact SEAM.

Trust SEAM for Your Light Bulb Recycling Needs

If you’re in the Sioux Falls or the surrounding area, contact SEAM to schedule a drop-off for your halogen light bulbs. We also accept a variety of other light sources, including fluorescent bulbs and batteries.

Our team is dedicated to serving Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas with excellence. That includes North Dakota and South Dakota. Reach out to us today with any questions or to obtain a free quote.

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