Audit Your Vendor this Earth Day

This Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to share with businesses in South Dakota and North Dakota the importance of proper reuse and recycling of computer equipment, not only for environmental responsibility, but also for data security and value recovery.

When looking for an electronics recycling partner, not just anyone will do. There are many disposal shortcuts to make a quick buck or get it done fast, but these are often inappropriate and will needlessly put you, your company, and your customers at risk.

An organization seeking an IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendor should consider the compliance track record, data security, and environmental policies of the company in addition to references, expertise and pricing.

Luckily, the ITAD industry has recognized third-party certifications that do much of this research for you. If an electronics recycling and resale vendor is certified to R2e-Stewards and/or NAID, you can trust they will handle your IT assets securely and responsibly.

However, BE CAREFUL, as some vendors will make false certification claims just to get your business. Always double check a company is certified by going to the third-party certification website and finding their company name in the official directories.

As an IT executive, the disposition of IT assets isn’t usually at the top of your priority list, so we’ve created an easy-to-use checklist to help you Audit Your Vendor to see what risks you may be leaving on the table.


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