8 Kinds of Financial Documents to Shred Securely

Jul 10, 2021

Shredding helps your organization maintain control over your information security. Among the most important documents to keep secure are financial documents that could give access to the following:

  • Company bank accounts
  • Employee information
  • Vendor information
  • Proprietary data

A secure document shredding service is the best way to ensure that all of your critical and private documents are disposed of securely. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have avoided unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Payroll Statements

Payroll documents contain identifying information about your employees. No business should have copies of this information lying around. Your employees have a right to privacy that your organization must make every effort to respect.

Tax Records

Your business’s tax records contain important confidential information, and you should never get rid of them without shredding them first. If you do, a criminal could use the information in these records to impersonate your business and sign up for credit and services, just like personal identity theft.

Vendor Invoices

You must shred invoices from vendors to protect both your organization and theirs. These invoices will contain insider information on your business relationship and could potentially be used to place fraudulent orders or cause other disruptions.


Information on departmental and overall budgets should always be shredded. It gives any interceptors too much insight into how your business operates. They can use this to identify the weak points where they could most effectively embezzle or steal funds from your organization.

Bank Statements

With your organization’s bank information, there is a risk that somebody could set up pre-authorized debits and credits in your company’s name. That means your company will receive bills for goods and services they never receive. Depending on the size, this type of theft could go unnoticed for years.

Insurance Records

Your company’s insurance records will have extensive identifying information. Using this information, anyone with unauthorized access could potentially impersonate your company in business dealings. That will put your company and financial risk and harm your reputation depending on what is done with the information.

Employee Tax Forms

Whenever you onboard a new employee, they’ll have to fill out certain tax forms to be enrolled in payroll taxes. That is their most sensitive personal information and must be handled with the highest level of security. Unauthorized access to these forms can expose them to the risk of complete identity theft.

Canceled Checks

If your business cancels a check, you should receive some form of confirmation, including your banking details. These are the exact details necessary for automatic debits and credits, so anyone with them can illegally access your accounts. Doing so could result in substantial trouble for your organization as the bank tries to clear things up.

Secure Shredding for Any Business in North Dakota

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