5 Questions to Ask Your ITAD Provider

Jul 17, 2021

Are your company’s IT assets due for an upgrade? Want to sell off old equipment, but not sure where to start? If so, then you need to partner with an ITAD provider.

ITAD or IT asset disposition refers to the practice of disposing of e-waste. Dedicated ITAD providers can safely and securely dispose of your e-waste. Depending on the state of your equipment, it can either be recycled or refurbished and resold.

However, it is essential that you only entrust your assets to a qualified ITAD provider. By asking the following questions, you can be sure that you are choosing the right team for the job.

  1. Does the Provider Have a Secure Facility?

Any legitimate ITAD provider should have a secure facility. The disposal site should be protected by multiple security measures, including cameras and restricted access points. In addition, all staff should be thoroughly vetted.

If the ITAD provider that you are speaking with is hesitant to share information about their facility’s security measures, then you may want to look elsewhere.

  1. Are They Knowledgeable?

Virtually any ITAD provider will be able to exhibit a good level of knowledge regarding your tech. Ask compliance-related questions to test a prospective ITAD providers’ knowledge of the equipment that they will be working with. A high-quality provider should be able to answer them with ease!

  1. Do They Actively Protect Clients?

Your IT assets contain sensitive information about your business and its customers. If your company suffers from a data breach, your brand will suffer.

When you’re seeking out an ITAD provider, it is important that they understand that your company’s reputation is on the line. The provider should be able to explain how each type of equipment will be disposed of so that your brand is protected.

  1. Do They Know the Requirements of Your Industry?

With the rapid increase in cyber attacks in recent years, many industries are implementing strict IT-related protocols to protect their valuable data. A good ITAD provider should be familiar with the specific requirements of your industry.

Don’t be afraid to ask an ITAD provider detailed questions regarding regulatory guidelines that pertain to your business. They should be able to quickly and confidently answer your questions. If they cannot, then you should continue searching until you find the right ITAD provider to meet the unique needs of your industry.

  1. Does the Provider Have Advanced Chain-of-Custody Protocols?

Maintaining strict chain-of-custody protocols is essential when it comes to IT asset disposal. Chain of custody refers to the practice of tracking your equipment from the moment it leaves your facility until it is either disposed of or re-sold.

When you’re researching various ITAD providers, ask for a detailed rundown of their chain-of-custody protocols. Also ask whether they will provide a certificate that promises that all of your data has been appropriately wiped from your devices.

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