5 Fast Ways to Get the Best ROI on Your Used Tech Devices

Sep 1, 2021

5 Fast Ways to Get the Best ROI on Your Used Tech Devices

Your tech devices still hold significant value even after you’re done with them. Reselling these devices allows you to recover that value. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you’re going to get the best ROI possible on your used tech devices.

Make Sure You’re Getting a Proper Assessment

When you hand over your used tech devices to an IT asset management company, the first thing they’re going to do is carefully assess the potential value. They’ll be able to tell you which components can be remarketed, refurbished, or parted out. This expert evaluation allows you to recover more of the value from your IT assets.

Without a thorough assessment, you could wind up leaving money on the table. You might not realize which of your IT assets still hold residual value and could end writing off devices that could net your IT budget some cash.

Don’t Hold Onto Aging Devices

Office tech devices are constantly advancing, and as such, your equipment is becoming obsolete with each day that goes by. Your assets will never hold more value than they do today. If you’re leaving used devices sitting around your office, you’re letting their value evaporate.

Set up scheduled pickups with an IT asset management company to make sure you’re not sitting on unused assets any longer than necessary. Your ROI will be higher the faster you move, so move quickly!

Handle Your Devices with Care

Whether you’re remarketing or refurbishing your used tech equipment, you’ll get the highest returns by taking care of them. This is true during their time with your company and during the remarketing preparations and process.

Seemingly inconsequential cosmetic damage that doesn’t affect the performance of your devices can still reduce their value considerably. This is especially true if poor care leads to actual reductions in performance, which could lead to your devices having zero value in the end.

Hit the Perfect Timing

If you work with an IT asset management company, they’ll be able to help you identify the best decisions for your current device cycle. They understand market trends and can determine which refresh cycles you should initiate first to maximize your ROI.

There’s a lot that goes into finding the best time to sell office devices. A professional company with years of experience is much better situated to advise your business in this matter than any guesses your company might make on its own.

Sell Package Items Together

The best strategy for selling your used tech devices is to keep things together as much as possible. Parting out is really only an effective strategy when certain elements are damaged or otherwise unmarketable.

The best ROI is going to come from selling the complete package, with all accessories, as originally sold. Aim to keep all batteries, power supplies, monitor stands, and other detachable parts together to get the best prices on your devices.

Let SEAM Get You the Highest ROI

At SEAM, our professional team members are experts in finding value from your used IT tech devices. We can help you to determine the best strategy for asset value recovery in North Dakota, South Dakota and beyond. Reach out to us to get started earning money back on your used electronics!

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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