3 Reasons Why Companies Still Want to Buy Your Used IT Equipment

Apr 5, 2022

Many companies now choose to buy used IT equipment, which is a major shift from previous years. According to IDC, sales of used IT infrastructure gear will surpass $36 billion by 2024.

Benefits of Buying Used Equipment

Used equipment still holds value, and there are several advantages to buying it:

  1. Improved Performance and Productivity at a Lower Price

When looking for an affordable way to upgrade, many companies will buy used equipment that improves productivity and allows employees to work more efficiently compared to outdated tech. Like new equipment, used equipment can still be a vast improvement from previous systems as many refurbished devices are only a few years old and are just as good, if not better, than brand new devices. Companies rely on the seller’s reputation and third-party certifications to ensure the equipment they are purchasing meets their upgrade requirements while fitting their budget.

  1. Fast Fulfillment 

Many companies may delay purchasing new equipment until it’s absolutely necessary. This delay may lead to losing customers and being unable to compete with companies that have already made high-value investments in their IT equipment. Used equipment provides a quick way to access appropriate equipment upgrades, even if a short-term fix, that may be impossible if new devices are low on stock. If purchasing used, a trusted reseller will be able to quickly turn around their inventory on-hand as it’s been thoroughly tested and ready to go as soon as it’s listed.

  1. Protecting the Environment

The increase in purchasing used devices vs. new has largely been attributed to sustainability pledges and environmental initiatives.

Millennials are more likely to participate in sustainability pledges and actively participate in sustainability-minded policies. As the employee population shifts, many companies and their internal stakeholders are taking notice and establishing methods to encourage environmentally-conscious technology decisions.

IT equipment contains several hazardous substances that pose risks to the environment as well as many rare metals and resources that have already been mined. Companies are beginning to recognize that one of the best ways to reverse the adverse effects on the environment and recover these resources is to buy used IT equipment.

Whether you sell your own IT equipment or recycle equipment through a third-party vendor who could resell any valuable items on your behalf, the process of selling and buying used equipment creates opportunities for a more sustainable economy.

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