3 Creative Ways to Boost Your IT Budget with Remarketing

Aug 25, 2021

3 Creative Ways to Boost Your IT Budget with Remarketing

When your organization’s IT assets are being replaced, there’s a decent chance that they still have some value in them. Based on their age, initial value, and the current market demand, you may be able to resell computers and other electronic equipment to alleviate the burden on your IT budget.

Know When to Sell

There’s typically a cycle to the value of any particular IT asset on the open market. It ebbs and flows over time, and there can be spikes and drops due to external events. Choosing the right time to sell gets your organization more money for the very same assets you were going to sell anyway.

An asset management company can advise you as to when the best time to sell will be. If you have a stockpile of decommissioned IT equipment, they can tell you which items should be sold now and which should be retained until later.

An organization that carefully plans its remarketing strategy can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of its IT assets across the lifetime of those assets. This translates to more recovered value and greater flexibility for IT departments.

Securely Remarket Sensitive Items

Hard drives are some of the top-selling IT assets out there, and they’re always in high demand. However, reselling hard drives presents an inherent security risk. Even after files are deleted, it’s still possible to recover them. Used hard drives can carry sensitive information about your operation, employees, and customers.

Secure Enterprise Asset Management meets the globally recognized NIST standard for hard drive and solid-state drive wiping, ensuring that all data is permanently removed. This lets your organization recover value while remaining confident that there’s no risk of a data breach.

This is a much more attractive option than hard drive shredding, which must maintain security when hard drives can’t be resold. Your organization’s old hard drives could still have significant value, and with proper data wiping, that value can be recovered.

Institute a Plan for Ongoing Value Recovery

An organization can benefit from treating all of its IT assets to recover value at the end of the useful life of those assets. This means doing everything they can to avoid damaging that value through a lack of proper care over the years.

One way to maintain value is to keep all of an IT asset’s components together. Don’t part out machines. Instead, keep the stock components for an increased resale value. The more you have to offer, the higher the price you’ll eventually fetch.

The same is true for general handling. Be careful not to be too rough with equipment. Even if they are purely aesthetic, any dings and scratches can reduce value. Over the years that an asset is in service, careless handling can knock off a lot of value.

Get the Most Value From Your IT Assets

SEAM carefully cleans, tests, and refurbishes IT assets for resale in South Dakota. We can ensure that your computers and other equipment are remarketed safely and securely while netting you the highest possible value. Contact us today for any of our value recovery services.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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