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Month: October 2019

  • Re:Boot Sioux Falls Announces Technology Donation Beneficiaries

    PRESS RELEASE FROM ZEAL CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP SIOUX FALLS, SD, October 2019 – Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship in partnership with Dakota Research and Consulting Organization (DRACO) and Secure Enterprise Asset Management (SEAM) has announced the beneficiaries of the first annual Re:Boot Sioux Falls technology drive. In July, Sioux Falls area nonprofits were invited to apply […]

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  • Helpful Tips when Buying Quality Used Computers and IT Equipment

    If you own and operate a tech company, chances are you need to stay pretty up-to-date with the latest technologies.  The same is not true for every business, though, and many do just fine without paying top dollar to upgrade annually, or to buy the newest equipment when they do have to update systems. If […]

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  • The Case for IT Remarketing

    In a world that runs on the convenience of disposable goods, we’ve developed a linear product life mindset, one in which goods are purchased, used, and then thrown away.  It’s no wonder, then, that there’s a growing problem in e-waste disposal. Millions of metric tons of e-waste are disposed of annually across the globe, and […]

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  • What are IT Ghost Assets?

    Some people believe that we are surrounded by a spirit world we cannot see.  Whether it gives you comfort that your loved ones may be watching over you and protecting you, or it concerns you that they’re hovering about, you’re at least aware of the concept and you can choose to embrace it or ignore […]

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  • Windows 7 End of Life

    It is the end of an era.  Windows 7, arguably the best Windows OS ever created, is finally on the way out, with extended support set to expire in just a few short months. Although mainstream support for the software actually ended in January of 2015, with Windows 10  launching later that year, any and […]

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