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Month: September 2019

  • The Difference Between an IT Disposal and IT Disposition Company

    Businesses now rely on a vast array of electronics to perform tasks ranging from simple to complex.  It used to be that credit card purchases were verified by carbon copies made on manual imprinting machines.  Today, electronic equipment digitally captures card data stored on magnetic strips or embedded microchips, encrypting it and sending purchase data […]

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  • Getting Value Back on Electronics in Education

    When schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions consider IT equipment refreshes for the new school year, planning efforts should always include assessing the remarketing or residual value of the current technology assets being used.  Knowing if obsolete or unwanted technology still holds value and understanding the importance of safely and securely selling, disposing or […]

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  • The Most Common Barriers to Effective Electronic Waste Recycling

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there are laws in place governing how electronics can be disposed of, with most states enacting laws related to which devices (or which parts of devices) must be recycled for safety and environmental protection.  Businesses are particularly liable due to the volume of IT equipment […]

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  • The Most Common Signs You Need Help with IT Asset Disposition

    Proper disposal of e-waste is an important part of any business operation these days for companies that want to remain compliant with environmental laws, but you have to take extra care with any IT equipment and devices that store data so you can also comply with consumer privacy laws.  In short, you have to engage […]

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  • Why DIY Asset Disposition is Never Worth the Risk

    Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce costs, minimize waste, and boost the profit margin, and with good reason.  More profit means greater opportunity to grow and increased rewards for the company and its employees. While cost-cutting is typically considered a good thing, there is a fine line between minimizing expenses and cheaping out, […]

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  • Risks in Education: Disposing of Used Technology

    Today’s educational programs rely heavily on computers and other electronic devices. When IT equipment is ready to be retired, many institutions have limited budget and time to securely resell or properly recycle hundreds of systems on their own. What are the Risks? According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR),  more than one third […]

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