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Month: October 2018

  • Essential Components of Your ITAD Solution

    IT asset disposition, or ITAD, is a crucial part of any company’s digital security plan.  Unfortunately, many businesses don’t give ITAD the same attention as setting up digital data protections like firewalls, antivirus programs, encryption, monitoring, and so on.  While it is important to keep current, usable data safe, it doesn’t eliminate the need to […]

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  • What Should You be Doing with Old Computers and Hard Drives?

    The turnover on digital devices for the average company can be astronomical.  Even with a solid plan in place for upgrading technology at a reasonable pace, you may have no choice but to do minor upgrades regularly and major overhauls of equipment every few years if you want to remain competitive. This can leave you […]

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  • How and Why You Need to Create a Remote Work Policy for Your Business

    The remote workforce is growing in leaps and bounds.  Many workers enjoy the luxury of working from home, managing their own time, and avoiding a lengthy daily commute.  Employers who use a remote workforce can reduce the expense of office space and utilize contract workers instead of adding to their overhead with the salaries and […]

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  • Information Security Risks: How Many Can You Spot in the Workplace?

    If asked about data security in your office, you might be inclined to talk about your robust firewall, antivirus software, password protection protocols, encryption, and even network maintenance and monitoring.  Unfortunately, a simple review of your office setting could reveal some glaring gaps when it comes to information security. If you’re unaware of risk factors […]

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  • On-Site vs Off-Site Hard Drive Shredding

    Which is better? Shredding hard drives offsite or onsite at your location. While both types of shredding services offer protection, they are not necessarily equal. Onsite Shredding Mobile hard drive and media destruction, or onsite shredding, is when a hard drive shredding company brings a mobile shredding truck to your location, collects your devices, and […]

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  • Electronic Data Destruction and the Chain of Custody

    When you decide to upgrade to new hardware and get rid of outdated computer equipment, it is essential that you do so in keeping with all applicable environmental and privacy laws, so as to protect yourself, your clients, and the environment.  This means developing policies and working with partners that create a clear chain of […]

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