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Month: September 2018

  • Electronic Data Destruction: What Type Do You Need?

    The ways in which we collect and store data have changed dramatically over the last few decades, thanks to computer and online technologies.  This has allowed for increasing opportunities to garner beneficial data, but has also required growing reliance on protective measures to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. As a responsible […]

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  • What Is Data Wiping and Why Do You Need It?

    The word “data” may be small, but its definition and the way data is used in our day-to-day lives is anything but. Data is, in essence, information that has been translated and stored into a computing device in a way that is efficient for processing purposes. It encompasses a wide range of facts and figures; […]

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  • Help the Environment by Selling Your Used IT Equipment

    As a responsible business owner, you naturally want to do your best to protect the interests of your customers, as well as your company. This means taking pains to live up to standards for privacy protection. Privacy laws exist to ensure that the confidential information your customers entrust to you is kept safe from cyber […]

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  • Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

    Why Shred Hard Drives Onsite? When businesses go through computer refresh cycles, they must decide what to do with the old computer equipment they will no longer be using. With today’s data security legislation, environmental requirements, and malicious hackers waiting for you to make a mistake, companies can no longer afford to just throw away […]

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