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Month: June 2018

  • Why You Shouldn’t Throw Old Electronics in the Trash

    We live in a disposable culture.  For convenience, we have all kinds of disposable goods, from bottles and straws, to plates and cups, to Q-tips and diapers.  Even our electronics can seem disposable at times.  Instead of fixing old televisions or toasters, we simply get rid of them and upgrade to something newer and better. […]

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  • What Should be Included in Your IT Equipment Disposal Policy?

    IT equipment is not cheap, but it has become an essential part of conducting business, encompassing everything from communications to secure record-keeping.  It allows businesses to interact with customers, carry out secure transactions, and store essential data for future use.  Of course, if mishandled, this equipment can also become a major liability. This is why […]

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  • What is the Disposal of an Asset?

    We’ve all become used to high-level data breaches.  Over the last few years, we’ve seen retail stores like Best Buy and Target succumb to data breaches that compromise sensitive consumer data, along with health insurance providers like Anthem, credit reporting services like Equifax, and even government agencies. If you think that these breaches only affect […]

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  • The Basics of Computer Recycling

    We live in a world dominated by electronics.  The next time you’re in a restaurant, take note of how many people have their faces buried in their phones (you may have to look up from your own).  The result of our obsession with technology is that we’re not only surrounded by monitors, mobile devices, and […]

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