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Month: February 2018

  • The Benefits (and Risks) of Going Paperless

    Although we’re far more comfortable using less paper in the format of newspaper and mailing letters, the workplace is still holding onto piles of paper. As of 2017, only 25% of organizations run a totally paper-free environment. Surprisingly, even with the introduction of technology, the usage of paper products has actually increased by 126% in […]

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  • Data Centers and IT Asset Disposition

    A Data Center’s Turnover Challenge Data centers tend to have a shorter IT asset lifecycle due to the sheer volume of equipment in operation. A single data center could have hundreds of racks of hardware in constant need of monitoring and maintenance. Because of this, IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a continual challenge that must be […]

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  • What to Do Before Recycling Your Computer

    When it’s time to upgrade your used computer equipment, it’s important to dispose of the old devices legally and securely. Electronics from commercial generators are regulated as hazardous waste and must comply with Federal, State and Local landfill bans. Data security legislation also requires businesses and organizations to properly destroy data on obsolete devices. Computers, […]

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