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Month: January 2018

  • Data Security 101

    How Company Policy, ITAM, and ITAD Work Together to Keep You Secure. Data security is a real and expensive threat that exists for all industries that manipulate or store data. The 2017 Ponemon Institute Study cites data breaches now cost US businesses an average of $7 million. These breaches are often accompanied by regulatory actions and […]

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  • Are you Following the Right Destruction Standard?

    You may have heard of the Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard when it comes to hard drive shredding or wiping, but did you know this standard has actually become obsolete?  The Outdated DoD Standard. Although outdated, the DoD 5220.22-M standard is still referenced by many vendors and customers in the industry. Published by the National Industrial Security […]

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  • What is Revenue Sharing?

    When organizations are finished using their IT equipment, there is no reason to let it go to waste. By reselling used electronics, businesses are able to recover operating capital and reduce the total cost of ownership of their devices. Without internal resources or expertise to resell their own computer equipment, businesses might sell to the […]

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  • When is my Equipment Obsolete?

    Every few months, operating system updates are being rolled out. In the past, these updates were only released every 3-4 years and just a percentage of users would upgrade due to the cost and overall hassle. Today, these updates must be installed immediately to ensure data security. If an update or patch is missed, it […]

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  • Security Threats: Through the Back Door

    When technology expires it’s easy to shut down the device and think the risk is gone. The reality is, a new type of threat begins: Physical Security. Securing equipment against physical intruders seems like one of the easiest ways to protect company data. However, it’s usually one of the most overlooked steps at the disposal […]

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