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Month: August 2017

  • Federal Agencies: What to Ask Your Electronics Recycler

    Each year, federal agencies and facilities purchase billions of dollars worth of information technology equipment and services. As the single largest consumer in the world, the U.S. government has a unique opportunity to provide leadership in how they manage electronic assets through acquisition, use and disposal. According to Executive Order (E.O.) 13514, government agencies are required to use […]

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  • Why Do Certifications Matter?

    When it comes to finding a partner to manage your end-of-use technology devices in Sioux Falls or the surrounding South Dakota area, choose wisely. Data security and environmental compliance is vital in today’s high-risk business landscape and there are many vendors who will take your equipment and give you their word…but how do you know […]

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  • HIPAA ALERT: Business Associate Agreement

    As a covered entity, you are required to have a written agreement in place with all business associates. This includes any third party vendors who handle your computer equipment, including servicing, reuse, resale or electronic recycling. Even if you have an in-house data destruction policy, an agreement will cover you if by chance a hard […]

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  • Computer Resale and Recycling: What are the Risks?

    The rapid evolution and constant use of technology has many organizations on a frequent refresh cycle, leaving them overloaded with unused technology equipment. When choosing to recycle or sell your computer equipment, it’s important to define your specific needs related to the removal, movement and disposition of your electronic assets, as well as uncover any […]

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