10 Things to Avoid When Selling IT Equipment

Did you know that businesses can sell their used IT equipment to recover some of their value once they’re done with the devices? While this is a great way to bring some money back into your tech budget, there are some pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid. In the end, your best bet is to […]

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The Frugal Guide to Buying High-End Refurbished Equipment

IT equipment — including computers, servers, and more — makes up a considerable portion of any office budget. These assets are often incredibly expensive when they are purchased new, sometimes even prohibitively so. But did you know that your organization could save a large portion of your IT budget by opting to buy refurbished equipment […]

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E-Waste 101: Reselling, Recycling, and Reusing Responsibly

In today’s rapidly evolving IT industry, the surge in electronic waste (e-waste) poses a significant concern. As businesses and consumers continuously upgrade devices and components, the decision on what to do with used equipment becomes paramount. Navigating these choices demands expertise, and that’s where an IT asset management company comes in to seamlessly guide you […]

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