4 Steps to Protect Your Offline Data

4 Steps to Protect Your Offline Data When corporate data breaches make news, the story usually involves information that is accessible online. Hackers engage in various tactics to get past internet security protocols to steal and exploit personal and financial information or to take over websites for the purpose of holding them hostage. It’s important […]

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When Can You Safely Dispose of Legal Paperwork?

You have a collection of legal documents gathering dust in your office. Should you shred them? That’s a sticky question. Legal records may contain sensitive information. If you dispose of them, you reduce the risk of having the wrong people gain unauthorized access. Then again, you don’t ever want to dispose of anything that you […]

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Memory Encryption and Protecting Data in Use: Why It’s Important

Businesses often use standard storage to keep important digital assets safe for long periods or remote processing. Data that’s been stored on servers, in the cloud, or even on local devices are susceptible to unauthorized use, theft, or destruction. Modern businesses that want to protect their data from malicious actors should convert their passwords and […]

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