Choosing a Trustworthy Data Destruction Vendor: Protecting Your Business

By: Clint Parsons, Director of Strategic Partnerships, SEAM In today’s digital age, where sensitive data is a constant concern, businesses face a critical decision: selecting a reliable data destruction vendor. A recent data breach at a Mumbai hospital serves as a cautionary tale. Allegedly, patient information ended up on…paper plates! It might sound unbelievable, but […]

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External Hard Drives: A Guide to Secure Disposal

By: Levi Hentges , Vice President/Business Development, SEAM External hard drives are useful for providing extra portable storage for business computers, but business owners don’t always know what to do with them when they reach the end of their lifecycle. With that in mind, you need a more secure option than simply throwing or giving […]

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Recycling Electronics: What Can and Can’t Be Recycled?

When it comes to responsible recycling of your company’s electronics, the primary focus should be on security. Discarding electronics improperly can lead to data breaches and environmental harm. Here’s a detailed guide to ensure both data protection and environmental sustainability when recycling e-waste. Security-First Approach to E-Waste Recycling Data Breach Prevention Recycling electronics without proper […]

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