What’s a No-Landfill Policy and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

Your IT assets have to go somewhere when you’re done with them. If your business is environmentally conscious, you should make sure that “somewhere” isn’t a landfill. IT assets contain valuable recyclable materials. Many also contain hazardous materials that aren’t suitable for disposal in just any manner. There are many factors to consider during IT […]

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The Frugal Guide to Buying High-End Refurbished Equipment

IT equipment — including computers, servers, and more — makes up a considerable portion of any office budget. These assets are often incredibly expensive when they are purchased new, sometimes even prohibitively so. But did you know that your organization could save a large portion of your IT budget by opting to buy refurbished equipment […]

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Here’s Why You Need a Chain of Custody with ITAD

Here’s Why You Need a Chain of Custody with ITAD IT asset disposition (ITAD) programs help to mitigate the risks associated with electronic devices at the end of their useful lives. Whether these assets are being destroyed, recycled, or reused, it’s important to maintain a chain of custody during disposition. This process lets your business […]

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