Protecting Customers from Enterprise Risks

Most organizations focus on the security of their network but often neglect data-bearing equipment taken offline. If not managed properly, the effects could cause catastrophic organizational risks:

With a consultative approach, SEAM helps organizations identify risks and implement IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programs to address and prevent needless threats. By providing certified, secure and well-documented hard drive destruction, asset recovery and electronics recycling for end-of-life and end-of-use electronic equipment, we protect organizations against needless ITAD risks and provide them with peace of mind.

We make it seamless.

Data Security

DataDestructionIcon.pngMost data security programs are focused on keeping people out of your network, the need for proper handling of retired physical assets is often overlooked:

  • We provide a clearly defined and documented data destruction solution in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 (Revision 1) standards to safeguard customers against data breaches. Detailed reporting and strict data security protocols ensure all devices are handled securely and in compliance with today’s dynamic, ever-changing regulation environment.

Don't be the next organization to have the data found on your retired servers held hostage (2014 Data Breach Story). Choose a certified vendor who can take the liability and headache out of asset disposition with secure, certified and well-documented Data Security Services.

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Brand.pngIt only takes one incident of a lost, misplaced or improperly processed asset ending up in the wrong place to do significant damage:

  • We provide trusted, quality services that protect customers and ensure their reputation remains intact. By utilizing SEAM, customers are covered by the highest industry standards and certifications, which prevents costly disasters and customer loss from data breaches or environmental catastrophes. 

Between 2013 and 2014 the average loss of customers who were directly affected by a data breach increased an alarming 15% - Ponemon Institute

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Environmental.pngEnsuring IT assets do not reach landfills or get exported to developing countries is not just good for the environment, it's good business:

  • SEAM customers are provided with the tools they need to meet their corporate responsibility and sustainability goals. Our commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for environmental compliance is shown through our stringent certifications, our No Landfill policy, and our rigorous downstream auditing and management.

Fines for improper disposal can quickly add up, in 2015 an Internet Service Provider racked up almost $30 million in fines after their e-waste disposal practices were found to be “careless and unlawful” (See full article).

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Financial.pngEffectively controlling the costs associated with the removal, safe handling, transport and processing of assets not only enhances value, but prevents the risk of financial loss:

  • Using SEAM helps customers avoid spending massive amounts on the investigation, communication and ultimate customer loss resulting from data security or environmental threats. With competitive pricing, comprehensive services, and a possibility to gain value back from reusable equipment, customers are not only mitigating financial risk, they are maximizing asset value.

Data breaches can be catastrophic to a company’s finances. A 2015 study by IBM & the Ponemon Institute found the average total cost of a single data breach is $3.79 million ($154 per data record). In 2012, a highly publicized data breach ended up costing investors about $876M – or approximately $584 per lost record (See full article). In 2013, a telecommunications company was fined $52 million for illegally dumping e-waste in landfills (See article).

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Efficiency.pngUnless your business is rooted in asset management, it's not your core concern:

  • SEAM securely and efficiently streamlines the physical process of managing IT assets, allowing you to focus on your core business with confidence. You can easily implement best practices without having to expand your internal team or invest in new training programs.

Along with reducing physical labor, SEAM provides detailed reporting that can be instantly accessed and used for audits and regulation compliance, saving hours of administrative information gathering.

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Reporting.pngThe ever-changing regulatory landscape makes it nearly impossible to comply with industry standards and corporate policies:

  • Along with gaining access to SEAM’s IT professionals focused on current industry trends and regulatory requirements, customers also receive detailed, asset-based reports, giving them the auditable proof they need to comply with industry standards and corporate data security or environmental policies.

A 2010 CBS investigation exposed a Health Insurance Agency for not properly erasing the hard drive data on their leased photocopiers, effecting up to 344,579 individuals and resulting in a $1.2 Million HIPAA violation settlement (Read full story).

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Not sure where to start? 

SEAM’s expert consultants provide free on-site assessments for businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, clinics, banks, educational institutions and other commercial generators to determine the best solution for data security and environmental compliance surrounding the disposition of their end-of-use electronic assets. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

SEAM provides our partners with the confidence to responsibly serve their businesses, their customers and their communities.

Mitigating Risk

We take on all liability for our clients’ technology assets by following security and environmental best practices in how we plan, implement, track and communicate.

Providing Confidence

Everything we do, from the standards we follow to the way we execute services, we strive to be a badge of confidence for our clients and their customers, so they KNOW they are using security, environmental and business best practices.