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  1. To celebrate America Recycles Day, SEAM created an electronics recycling infographic to review the risks, benefits and facts of business technology resale and recycling.

  2. SEAM is proud to sponsor Girls Breaker Day 2018 - We will be donating computers, keyboards, and other electronics for 5th to 10th grade Sioux Falls girls to take apart! Join us Saturday, May 26th between 10am – 3pm in Sioux Falls.

  3. Congratulations to the winner of SEAM's holiday gift card giveaway. Miss out on the survey? Tell us what you think.

  4. Students will learn how electronics work by taking them apart in a safe and fun, educational environment at the DSU Beacom Institute of Technology. All materials will be recycled by SEAM.

  5. On Saturday July 29, SEAM will be helping Code Bootcamp demystify how electronics and appliances work at their first Girls Breaker Day event in Sioux Falls. Girls in fifth through 10th grades and their parents are invited to explore and take apart…

  6. The SEAM team has been travelling! We had a great time meeting bankers from our region at the South Dakota Bankers Association Quad States Convention! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn about hard drive shredding and data security…

  7. “We are pleased to announce SEAM as our newest endorsed vendor. They bring a unique set of services that will greatly benefit our members.”

  8. Check out our new packing videos to efficiently and safely package your IT equipment.

  9. Watch our About Us video to learn a bit more about our services and what we offer the Sioux Falls area business community. Our R2 certified and e-Stewards certified data destruction and electronics recycling services can be provided right at your…

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