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  1. Keeping IT equipment too long can lead to unwanted downtime and system failure. This basic guideline of equipment lifespans will help you decide when the time to upgrade is right.

  2. Businesses and communities around Sioux Falls are realizing the benefits of hosting an Electronics Recycling event for their employees or communities. See our tips on how to host a successful event.

  3. A recent study found 78% of drives purchased from eBay and Craigslist contained residual data that could be recovered - this is serious, and a good reason to use a certified vendor.

  4. When choosing to recycle or sell your computer equipment, it's important to define your specific needs related to the removal, movement and disposition of your electronic assets, as well as uncover any risk you may be exposed to along the way

  5. Many companies do not have the equipment or staff to properly manage the disposition of IT assets without the help of a third party. For those who try to do it on their own, here's a few reasons it may be a bad idea.

  6. Choosing the best service providers for your business is an important task. For companies to perform optimally, it's a good idea to select partners you can count on.

  7. SEAM is helping Sioux Falls companies safely, securely and efficiently recycle their computer equipment.

  8. Learn why using a certified electronics recycler and/or e-Stewards certified electronics is critical for your business.

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