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  1. Are you at Risk? Learn about data security tips for decommissioning IT Assets in the workplace

  2. If you’re unaware of risk factors for data breach and theft, you could have a ticking time bomb on your hands that ends with stolen data and some very unhappy customers.

  3. Learn the difference between onsite and offsite shredding for data storage devices including hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), flash drives, cell phones, backup tapes, CD's and more.

  4. New computer and online technologies has allowed for increasing opportunities to garner beneficial data, but has also required growing reliance on protective measures to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

  5. The word “data” may be small, but its definition and the way data is used in our day-to-day lives is anything but. Data is, in essence, information that has been translated and stored into a computing device in a way that is efficient for processing purposes. It encompasses a wide range of facts and figures; everything from employee information to a company’s financials falls under the “data” category.

  6. Modern business owners certainly understand the importance of cyber security and the potential harm from data breaches. While attacks on mega-corporations make headlines, there are also tons of small and midsize business hacks that nobody hears about.

  7. As fast as technology advances these days, companies often find themselves struggling to keep up. A solid strategy involves choosing the right hardware and software solutions that are going to last for years to come with appropriate integration and updates, and even seeking custom solutions. However, you are going to reach a point where you really need to upgrade to new hardware in order to remain relevant, maintain efficiency, and serve your clientele.

  8. There are known risks to storing data in digital formats. If your firewall isn’t robust, your password protections are weak, you’ve decided to forego encryption, and so on, you place yourself at risk of data breach, identity theft, and damage to your customers and your company.

  9. Data breaches are a major headache for businesses and consumers alike. Consumers are naturally impacted by issues like stolen personal data and identity theft. As a business owner, you have an ethical and legal obligation to protect consumer privacy and safeguard the confidential information your customers provide you with.

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