Archives for March, 2018

  1. Businesses must fill security gaps in their ITAD game to avoid lawsuits, customer loss, and compliance issues when getting rid of used IT equipment.

  2. If your business isn’t properly disposing of old hard drives, there’s a chance the data you’re supposed to protect could fall into the wrong hands.

  3. Failing to properly destroy old hard drives is an invitation for trouble. Depending on the data stored on hard drives, it could lead to serious concerns like identity theft or data breach.

  4. Confidential data remains even after you delete files and unplug the system. Here's a few types of information to think about when disposing of IT equipment.

  5. Last week, Home Depot was ordered to pay a $27.8 million penalty for improper disposal of hazardous waste - yes that includes electronics and yes this could happen to you.

  6. Keeping your data secure is critical no matter what industry your business is in. How do you know who to trust when it comes time to refresh your computer equipment and get rid of the old?