Archives for July, 2017

  1. SEAM was honored to be able to help inspire the science and technology leaders of tomorrow by donating laptops to EmBe's FIRST LEGO League camp in Sioux Falls!

  2. Earlier this year, the Center for Children’s Digestive Health (CCDH), paid a $31,000 HIPAA settlement  for failing to obtain a written business associate agreement (BAA) with one of their medical records storage vendors, FileFax. There was no actual…

  3. On Saturday July 29, SEAM will be helping Code Bootcamp demystify how electronics and appliances work at their first Girls Breaker Day event in Sioux Falls. Girls in fifth through 10th grades and their parents are invited to explore and take apart…

  4. Organizations must make risk-based decisions on which data destruction method to choose depending on the type of data and potential harm if exposed. Learn which methods work and which don't.

  5. Many companies do not have the equipment or staff to properly manage the disposition of IT assets without the help of a third party. For those who try to do it on their own, here's a few reasons it may be a bad idea.

  6. Many people believe that if a file is deleted, it's gone for good, but that's not the case. In fact, the data from your deleted files stays on your computer and is very easy to recover.